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Uihlein, Edward G.

Born October 19, 1845, Wertheim on Main, Baden; died January 25, 1921, Chicago, Illinois.
Buried in Forest Park.

Edward G. Uihlein came to the United States in June 1864 and settled in St. Louis, where he began working in a warehouse. Three years later, he moved to Chicago and worked in the oil business until 1872, when he became a general agent for the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Uihlein rose to vice president of the Schlitz Brewing Company and held various top offices in the Chicago and Milwaukee Brewers' Associations.

At the turn of the century, Uihlein spearheaded the Schlitz marketing effort to build dozens of company-owned saloons to attract customers away from competitors. He concentrated on German neighborhoods, and even used German-inspired architecture to attract patrons. A common characteristic of each building was the Schlitz logo incorporated into the masonry work.

Uihlein made one foray into local government: he served on the West Chicago Park Commission, a precursor to the Chicago Park District, and was called an "outspoken friend of flowers and plants." His interest in park beautification extended to his personal hobbies; he was a world traveler who sought rare tropical plants and orchids for his own collection, and he became vice president of the Chicago Horticultural Society.

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