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Franzosenbusch, a mid-nineteenth century community of German immigrants, was centered around the crossroads of 22nd Street and Wolf Road.  The name Franzosenbusch is German for "Frenchman's Woods".  The different construction periods of the Prairie House depict more than 150 years of human history against the backdrop of Wolf Road Prairie Nature Preserve.

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Franzosenbusch Prairie House Museum & Nature Center                                           Photo by Lawrence Godson
11225 Constitution Drive, Westchester, Illinois 60154   Click Here for Map | Send your comments, queries and info to J.Arbuthnot@sbcglobal.net

"The mission of the Franzosenbusch Heritage Project is to preserve and restore the two-room schoolhouse located within Franzosenbusch Prairie House.  The purpose of the museum, library and archives is to collect, study, interpret and exhibit material relating to the history of the House and area and to provide related educational services for enriching knowledge."

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