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Christian G. Puscheck

also known as Christoph Puscheck (Puscheck sometimes spelled Puschek)

Date of Birth circa 1802  
Date of Death 1861  
Birth Place Prussia  
Occupation Grain farmer Also raised livestock, which one of his sons continued to do.
Wife Anna Rosina nee Chuebsch At time of immigration, her name was spelled Rosena.
Also found in one source as Anna Rosina nee Chebsch.
Wife's Date of Birth 1831  
Wife's Place of Birth Prussia or
Luzine, Silescia
Wife's Date of Death June 17, 1872  
Wife's Resting Place   "Immanuel" Proviso Cemetery
Place and Date of Marriage    
Wife's Biography    
Date of US Immigration 1839  
Route of Immigration Sources state he immigrated to America in 1839 from Provinz Silesia Kreisoels. Christian Gottlieb Puscheck and his family came to America and first settled on a maple farm in Minnesota or Wisconsin.  The family traveled to Proviso Township in a covered wagon.
Description of Land First Owned Settled in Lyons Township in 1845 In Proviso Township, settled in Section 16.  Total land owned was more than 200 acres.


Name Date of Birth Birthplace Date of Death Spouse
Helen 1826 Prussia    
Karl 1827
possibly August 17


December 28, 1886 Karl married Susannah Steritzkey, May 2, 1854 at Zion Lutheran in Bensenville
Anna Rosina 1831 Prussia


Wilhelm 1834 Prussia


John Gottlieb, Johann Gottlieb, or Karl Gottlieb 1835
possibly September 29
Kurzwitz, KreisOels, Begierungsbezirks Breslau, Kingdom of Pressuen   Married: Marie Steinel on June 7, 1856

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