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Heinrich Friedrich Volberding

also known as Fred Volberding

"Coping with Death in Pioneer Days "

Certainly, the most difficult experience for any settler must have been the loss of a family member in childbirth or in early childhood. Sadly, both of these were quite common before the discovery of antibiotics and advanced medical techniques. Friedrich and his wife, Dorothea nee Schultz, had three children who did not live past their first year. However, they were also blessed with three more children who grew to adulthood.

Bom November 5, 1822, in Rodewald, Hanover, Germany, Heinrich Friedrich was the first of four boys bom to Johann Jurgen Volberding, and Marie Dorothee nee Krage. His three brothers were: Heinrich Ludwig Lewis, (1831 - ?), another brother named Heinich, (1829 -?) and August Ludwig (1837 -?).

Sometime after arriving from Germany to the U.S., Friedrich purchased land in the Franzosenbusch area. His 120 acres in the southeastern half of section 30, were directly east of his brother, Heinrich Ludwig Lewis Volberding (Henry) and close to his old Rodewald friends, the Degener brothers. Today, his land forms most of what became the "Hickory Lane" subdivision, located just to the west of Wolf Road Prairie.

Friedrich married Dorothea Schutlz on September 12, 1852 at a wedding ceremony at Zion Lutheran Church, Churchville (now part ofBensenville) Dorothea was bom in Prussia on March 13, 1824. By 1860 they had three boys: Henry, Herman and Louis but suffered the death of three subsequent children after birth in 1865,1866 and again in 1867.

Like his younger brother, Heinrich Friedrich joined the other founding fathers in 1852 to obtain permission to form a school district in the immediate locale of Franzosenbusch. The Volberdings of Rodewald, were well acquainted with several of the Franzosenbusch families from their hometown in Germany. Marriages among these early families from Rodewald were quite common in Franzosenbusch as is evidenced by countless family trees. Many of the descendents also intermarried with the Degeners.

Friederich died June 2,1904 at the age of 81. His wife, Dorothea died on January 16,1891. Both are buried on Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery.

Fact Sheet

Date of Birth November 5, 1822  
Date of Death June 2, 1904  
Place of Birth Rodewald, Germany  
Siblings -? Heinrich Wilhelm born March 2, 1829 in Rodewald, Kingdom of Hanover, Preussen
  -Heinrich Ludwig June 25, 1831 in Rodewald
  -August Ludwig born November 10, 1837 in Rodewald
Buried   Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery
Father Johann Jurgen Volberding Johann Jurgen was born September 5, 1791; died January 11, 1865 at age 73; buried in Proviso Cemetery
Mother (Johann's first wife) Marie Dorthee Krage Marie was the mother of Johann's four children.
Second wife of Johann Sophie Marie Dorthea Knust Born July 28, 1818; died February 26, 1854 at age 35; buried at Zion Lutheran in Addison.
Fred's Wife Dorothea Volberding nee Schulz  
Wife's Date of Birth March 13, 1824 Born in Prussia
Date and Place of Marriage September 12, 1852 Zion Lutheran Church, Addision
Date of US Immigration    
Route of Immigration    
Description of Land Owned   120 acres in Section 30


Name Date of Birth Birthplace Date of Death Spouses
Heinrich or Henry April 25, 1854   February 16, 1932 Magdalene Sauk Volberding
Herman October 11,1855   November 11, 1938 Ella Kroeger Volberding
Louis or Lewis October 11, 1857 Proviso Township, Illinois May 5, 1894 Sophia Gansberg Volberding
Otto Friedrich Henry February 4, 1863   January 4, 1863  
Baby 1 March 28, 1865 Proviso Township, Illinois March 28, 1865  
Baby 2 March 19, 1866 Proviso Township, Illinois March 19, 1866  
Baby 3 April 15, 1867 Proviso Township, Illinois April 15, 1867  

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