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Franzosenbusch History

The name Franzosenbusch is German and it means literally "Frenchman's Grove".  Donna Freymark's Old Names of DuPage County Towns explains that an area known as Frenchman's Woods, named after the large landowner Nicholas Torode from the French-speaking Channel Island of Guernsey, was located in a grove centered at the intersection of York and Roosevelt Roads.

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Overview/background Material:

We welcome any comments, questions and corrections.  In accumulating this information we have found conflicting evidence.  We have endeavored to use the most reliable sources available BUT we can not be sure we have all of the facts completely accurate.  We need your help.  More information from the families of these nine "Founding Fathers" would be of great value to this ongoing project in order to maintain accuracy.  At this time, we are especially interested in photos, journals, letters, etc., which would describe the southeast corner of 22nd Street (Cermak) and Wolf Road in Hillside, prior to the 1860's.  This will help us now, as we work on the restoration.

Please feel free to contact me at j.arbuthnot@sbcglobal.net.  I will route your email through our other researchers.

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